CaltexGO Malaysia | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What phones are compatible with the Caltex app?

Any device running on Apple iOS 12/Android 5.1.1 or later.

Where can I download the CaltexGO app?

CaltexGO is available on Apple and Google Play App stores

Do I need to register?

Yes. You need to register to create a CaltexGO account to enjoy the mobile app features. If you have yet to do so, follow the on-screen prompts.

Can I use the CaltexGO app if I don’t have a JOURNEY™ Card?

Yes but it is strongly advisable to link your JOURNEY Card to your CaltexGO account to start earning BPoints.

Can I use the CaltexGO app to purchase any fuel type?

Yes. You can purchase both Petrol and Diesel.

Can I use the CaltexGO app to purchase convenience store products?

No. CaltexGO is currently limited to fuel purchases.

My phone has no signal. What should I do?

A 3G or better signal is required to use the mobile payment service. Remember to check that your GPS is connected, or ‘Location Services’ has been enabled.

If you’re still having trouble with your service signal, you can always pop into the shop and pay for fuel, as usual. 

Why do I need to register my email for Mobile Pay?

An electronic receipt for all CaltexGO transactions will be delivered to your registered email address.

Will I receive an email confirmation?

Yes. You are required to confirm your email address before using CaltexGO for mobile payment.

What is the SMS authorization code?

Caltex takes user security seriously, which is why you are sent a one-time security code by SMS to validate credit card selection when you first set up your preferred payment card.

What if I don’t receive my SMS authorization code?

You can request to have another authorization SMS sent. If you still do not receive the SMS after a few minutes, please contact your issuing bank for clarification.

There’s an error adding a payment method

Try removing the credit card details from the app and adding it again, double-checking to ensure all required information has been entered correctly.

If you continue to receive a payment error, contact your bank to verify that your payment account is active and verified internationally.

What payment cards do you accept?

Both credit and debit card payments are accepted: Visa and MasterCard.

How many credit cards can I register?

You can register a maximum of 2 credit cards.

Can I use my StarCard with CaltexGO?

Not yet. Only Visa and MasterCard payment cards are currently accepted by CaltexGO. You may continue to use StarCard in-store or at the Outdoor Payment Terminal.

Can I use my StarCash gift card with CaltexGO?

Not yet. Only Visa and MasterCard payment cards are currently accepted by CaltexGO. You are welcome to go in-store to redeem your StarCash gift card.

How do I select my Caltex station location?

Enable your GPS or “Location Services ” in your phone’s settings to help identity your current Caltex station location. You can then use CaltexGO’s Mobile Pay for fuel payment.

How do I change my credit card?

Log in to your app account, and tap on ‘Payment’. You may delete, add or update your credit card information.

Does Caltex view my credit card details?

Caltex does not see or store the details of your nominated payment cards. Such details are collected, stored and processed by Caltex's payment service provider, which processes payments via CaltexGO.

Where can I use CaltexGO?

CaltexGO mobile payments are only available at selected Caltex service stations in Klang Valley.

How do I enjoy discount or promotion using CaltexGO?

Download the CaltexGO app and use the “Mobile Pay” option to pay for fuel. If a discount is applicable, it will be automatically applied and displayed on the payment confirmation screen once you have entered the pump number.

What if I choose the wrong pump? Can I cancel the transaction?

If you have not paid for the transaction, tap the "Back" button to reselect the correct pump number. If issues persist, please proceed to the cashier in-store to settle the transaction in person.

How long will I have to complete a CaltexGO transaction?

You have 90-seconds to complete a Mobile Pay transaction before it is time-out. If you need more time, please proceed to the cashier in-store to complete the transaction.

Can I get a paper receipt in-store?

You will receive a digital receipt in the CaltexGO app, as well as an electronic receipt in the form of a tax invoice via your registered email address. A paper receipt in store is available upon request.

How do I view my transaction receipts?

Your past transaction receipts can be viewed at any time via the CaltexGO app. To view a past transaction, log in to your app account and select ‘Transactions'. Your receipts will be organized by date, with your most recent transaction at the top of the list. Tap each transaction to display details.

For a tax invoice receipt, refer to your registered email account. Remember to check your junk folder for <> if you cannot find them.

Where do I find the fuel price?

Fuel prices are displayed at each pump island dispenser.

I have selected the wrong pump and paid for someone else’s petrol. Can I get a refund?

In this unlikely event, you will still be required to pay for any fuel dispensed into your vehicle in-store prior to leaving the Caltex station. If this occurs, please contact our Customer Service Center at 1800 88 3169 or email to

My payment has been declined and fuel has been dispensed. What do I do?

As fuel has been dispensed you are liable for payment. Please proceed in-store to settle the payment.

Caltex reserves the right to refer the matter to the local police authority in the event transactions carried out via the CaltexGO account appear suspicious or indicates numerous declined transactions.

Once I have fueled my vehicle, how do I know if the transaction is complete?

A ‘Pay Now ’ screen will prompt you to verify your transaction before you proceed to pay. You will see a ‘Successful ’ screen to confirm payment has been made. You may only leave the site once a “Payment Received ” notification is displayed.

What does a pre-authorization hold?

A pre-authorization amount of RM200 is charged for fuel purchases made at the outdoor pump. The pre-authorization amount will then be reversed immediately, and the actual amount will be charged upon settlement by the merchant.

The immediate release of the pre-authorization amount applies to both Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards.

Why can’t I use my mobile phone on the forecourt?

Mobile phone use remains a source of distraction, with increased personal safety risks from unpredictable vehicular traffic on the forecourt. For your safety, customers must be mindful of their surroundings and focus on the refueling task at hand. As such, the CaltexGO app is only permitted from inside a stationary vehicle or when inside the convenience store.

Can I use my phone at a petrol station?

There is no change to the safety requirements at the service station. After you have switched off your vehicle’s engine, you can use your phone when you’re inside a stationary vehicle or when you are inside the convenience store. It is also recommended that your phone be disconnected from any related accessories, such as a power bank or phone charger, while using the CaltexGO app.

How can I use the app if I can’t use my phone at the pump?

It is safe to use a mobile phone from inside your car on a  forecourt, but not outside the vehicle (unless you are inside the convenience store). This helps eliminate the risk of your phone being a source of distraction on a busy forecourt.

What should I do with my phone while refueling?

For safety, please keep your phone in the vehicle when you're filling up. To avoid the risk of your phone being a source of distraction, DO NOT USE your phone outside your vehicle while on the forecourt.

Can anyone use the CaltexGO app?

For safety reasons, the CaltexGO app and mobile phones can only be used from inside a stationary vehicle or inside the convenience store. Motorcyclists who are keen to experience Mobile Pay may only proceed with CaltexGO fuel transactions in-store.

Why can’t I use the CaltexGO app for my motorbike?

For safety reasons, motorcyclists are unable to use mobile phones on motorbikes. Phones can only be used from inside a vehicle or inside the convenience store.

Can I use CaltexGO if I drive a convertible?

We require your roof to be up prior to using the mobile phone. Alternatively, you may proceed to the convenience store.

How much data does CaltexGO app use?

Like most apps, CaltexGO uses your smartphone’s location services and internet data. Costs vary depending on your network provider and mobile phone plan. Contact your mobile service provider for more information.

Are you tracking me?

CaltexGO only uses the location services in your mobile’s native operating system when the app is running to determine your Mobile Pay location. The app will not be able to determine your location if it is not open.

How will the mobile/contactless payment solution protect data privacy? Are my personal and financial details secure?

Caltex uses a variety of security technologies and procedures for storing and securing personal information and complies with applicable data privacy regulations.

We work with our service providers and vendors (such as payment processers and fraud prevention services) to ensure that each of them maintains appropriate physical, technical and infrastructural security measures to secure your personal data.

For example, an SMS verification code, as well as an email confirmation link, is sent to the user when first setting up the CaltexGO Mobile Pay account, for added security. Users are advised to assign a security passcode to protect your personal data on your phone.

If my phone cuts out or ‘dies’, can I log into my CaltexGO app account from another person’s device to pay for the fuel?

Yes, you can log in to your CaltexGO account from another device provided the transaction is still available. Alternatively, you can go in-store to make a payment.

What do I do if my phone is stolen or if there is a risk of unauthorized transactions e.g. someone has got my details?

You must immediately notify our Customer Service Center at 1800 88 3169 or email to  to request CaltexGO account cancellation or temporary suspension.

There is an unauthorized transaction on my CaltexGO app. Do I need to pay?

Please contact your bank immediately if you suspect your card has been used in an unauthorized manner.

You must also contact our Customer Service Center at 1800 88 3169 or email to to report this issue. Otherwise, you will have to bear the cost of any transactions made prior to the notification.

How do I terminate my CaltexGO account?

Please email the Customer Service via