Motoring Marvels

Motoring Marvels is a celebration of the world’s automotive wonders. In this series we review eight magnificent machines from the most powerful beasts and the pristinely preserved classics to the remarkable rebels that defy the limits of automotive performance. Revel in these marvels with us and enjoy the journey!


Motoring Marvels Episode 1


How do you take a step back in time yet step into the future, all in one go? We look at the Mercedes Pagoda that is stunningly displayed in this futuristic machine.

Motoring Marvels Episode 2


We are all about the 60's in this classic, flower power automobile - the VW Kombi. 

Motoring Marvels Episode 3


The Jaguar F-TYPE not only looks good, it has a performance that packs a top speed like no other.

Motoring Marvels Episode 4

Aston Martin

How fast can this timeless beauty go? We celebrate the Aston Martin Vantage V8.

Motoring Marvels Episode 5


The rebellious RUF 3800S is a thorn in the side of Porsche. Find out how RUF’s origins started out in a gas station.

Motoring Marvels Episode 6


There’s a car so exquisite, so stunningly beautiful, it deserves to be displayed in one of the world’s finest art galleries. It is none other than the Lamborghini Huracan.

Motoring Marvels Episode 7


What's a cafe got to do with a motorbike? The Triumph Bonneville Thruxton R takes you back to the 60s.

Motoring Marvels Episode 8


How about we try some real extreme off-roading, city style with the luxurious SUV, Bentley Bentayga?