Caltex™ iPhone App A Big Hit

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Caltex™ iPhone App A Big Hit

May 25, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 May 2010 – Caltex Classic Pinball, the first ever iPhone application from Caltex™, one of Asia Pacific’s leading energy brands, has proven to be a big hit with Malaysians, with thousands of downloads in just several weeks.

More than 11,300 copies of Caltex Classic Pinball have been downloaded, with 8,772 downloads occurring in the last two weeks of April, after Caltex announced the availability of the application. Caltex is among the first energy companies to make its foray into the iPhone applications space.

Caltex Classic Pinball is available in 18 of the markets that Caltex operates in. Overall, the application has surpassed the 40,500 download mark as at May; with Malaysia recording the second highest number of downloads among the markets concerned.

Jeremy Oh, Country Chairman, Chevron Malaysia Limited said, “We are excited that thousands of Malaysians have downloaded the application and we’re happy that they are having loads of fun with it. The popularity of mobile gaming and the iPhone has provided us with a vibrant platform to reach out to more Malaysians and enhance the Caltex brand.” 

Caltex developed Caltex Classic Pinball after recognizing that the iPhone platform presented an ever-broadening channel to engage with both existing and new customers. A pinball game was chosen as it is a simple, timeless game that transcends age, gender and culture, and requires little or no explanation.  

Oh added, “We already have a strong brand presence with our Caltex with Techron® and Caltex Diesel with Techron® fuels. By having the design of the game and the scoring system correspond to the engine parts that Techron® cleans, we tie it back to the core of our business and the value that we provide motorists.”

The game is set against a background of a sleek, metallic chamber accented with different engine parts.  Players are awarded bonus points for going through the CLEAN bridge, hitting the spark plugs, fuel injector and other engine parts that Techron® cleans in an actual engine. The scoring system highlights the benefits of having a cleaning additive, like Techron®, in a real-life car engine.

The Caltex Classic Pinball can be downloaded free from Malaysia’s iTunes Store. In addition, Caltex has also launched an online version of the game which is available from