Caltex™ Expands Reach, Goes Mobile

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Caltex™ Expands Reach, Goes Mobile

April 01, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 April 2010 – Caltex™, one of Asia Pacific’s leading energy brands, has launched its first ever iPhone application, the Caltex Classic Pinball, making it among the first energy companies to make its foray into the iPhone applications space. Caltex Classic Pinball is now available for free download from Malaysia’s iTunes Store.  

Over the years, Caltex has built a strong repertoire of creative approaches to increase brand awareness and to reach out to the hearts and minds of motorists and future customers.  Jeremy Oh, Country Chairman, Chevron Malaysia Limited said, “We’re constantly looking for innovative ways to talk to our target audiences.  The rising popularity of mobile gaming prompted us to create an iPhone game application to reach out to them, while increasing their recall of the Caltex brand.”  

With the iPhone 3GS fast gaining popularity globally, Caltex recognizes the potential of the iPhone platform as a viable channel to engage with their customers. A pinball game was chosen as it is a simple, timeless game that transcends age, gender and culture, and requires little or no explanation.   

Oh added, “Fuels Marketing is an important part of our business and we would like to thank our customers and be respectfully helpful to them by entertaining them on-the-go through Caltex Classic Pinball. While the platform we’re using may be a refreshing change from what the energy business is traditionally associated with, the design of the game and the scoring system, which corresponds to the engine parts that Techron® cleans, ties it back to the core of our business.” 

The game builds on everything we love about the pinball game and sets it against a sleek, metallic chamber accented with different engine parts.  Players are awarded bonus points for going through the CLEAN bridge, hitting the spark plugs, fuel injector and other engine parts that Techron® cleans in an actual engine. This scoring system highlights the benefits of having a cleaning additive, like Techron®, in a real-life car engine.

Other features of the Caltex Classic Pinball include: 

1. 3D backdrop design comprising a sleek, metallic chamber with different engine parts 

2. Hidden locations, like worm holes, allowing three balls to be played simultaneously

3. Table tilting by shaking the iPhone to influence ball play, leveraging on the iPhone’s accelerometer“

A large portion of our time these days is spent staying connected to one another through our mobile phones, from staying in touch to performing transactions. Our research showed that the digital platform provides a good opportunity for Caltex to reach out and interact with our customers in a non-intrusive manner. The decision to launch an iPhone game is also a way to thank our customers and get to know others who are not familiar with our brand. We are confident Caltex Classic Pinball will provide the fun and challenge iPhone users associate with the games they play on their phones,” said Oh. 

The Caltex Classic Pinball can be downloaded free from Malaysia’s iTunes Store. In addition, Caltex has also launched an online version of the game which is available from