Be a Caltex Station Retailer

Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to own a business, or to expand your existing organization, open your very own gas station in Cambodia and reimagine the future with Caltex today.

By providing our retailers with financial incentives, accessible support and resources, and more, we have maintained our standing as one of the world’s most successful energy companies together as a brand. Join us today as a dedicated Caltex station owner, and let’s grow together.

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  • Who will deliver my products to me?
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Let’s Grow Together

Begin your partnership with us today, and leverage on Chevron’s established reputation, global network, marketing resources and more to achieve the business success that you desire.

With Caltex on your side, you can now enjoy the independence of running your own business, while getting the support and prestige of a trusted brand — a winning combination.

Caltex Advantage

The Caltex Advantage

Build on the instantly recognized and highly regarded Caltex brand that motorists prefer and trust.

Complement this with our array of high-quality products and services, exclusive partnerships with retail brands, and more, and gain a competitive edge effortlessly.

Furthermore, springboard your investment and build a strong competitive advantage with Chevron's extensive global network of resources and assets.

With Chevron’s global experience, systems and people, you can now enjoy the better opportunity of being a successful gas station owner.

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Investor support

Investor Support

Running a gas station is an enormous task. As partners, we are always by your side — offering valuable support and assistance every step of the way. 

Receive guidance throughout your investment journey, from site set-up and design, to staff training and retail management, from our dedicated team of Business Consultants.

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