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What is JoyFuel Dollars Program?

Caltex’s JoyFuel Dollars Program is a customer loyalty program that enables Caltex and Autotoll customers to earn JoyFuel Dollars with purchase on gasoline or diesel at any Caltex Service Station.

How to apply for Caltex JoyFuel Card?

Caltex JoyFuel Card can be applied online or at any Caltex Service Station.

How to earn JoyFuel Dollars?

To enroll in JoyFuel Dollars Program, customers need to be a registered Autotoll user and a registered JoyFuel Card member. Once enrolled in the Program, members may earn JoyFuel Dollars by fueling up on gasoline or diesel at any Caltex Service Station. Members will earn 1 JoyFuel Dollar upon every net purchase of HKD30 fuel up.

What can I redeem with JoyFuel Dollars?

JoyFuel Dollars earned can be used to redeem eVouchers which applied toward Autotoll tunnel toll rebate, Autotoll administration fee rebate and Caltex StarCash fuel vouchers under the JoyFuel Dollars Program.

How can I enroll in JoyFuel Dollars Program?

You will need to have both Caltex JoyFuel Card and Autotoll Tag. You can link your existing Autotoll account to your JoyFuel Card number through or Autotoll VGo APP .

When will my JoyFuel account be activated?

Once your JoyFuel Card is successfully registered to an Autotoll account via Autotoll VGo APP or online platform, you can activate your account and start earning JoyFuel Dollars after 1 working day.

When will my transaction and JoyFuel Dollars records be updated to the relevant website?

JoyFuel Dollars earned will be deposited into your registered Autotoll account within 30 working days after the fuel purchase date.

Does my JoyFuel Dollars have expiry date?

JoyFuel Card members can accumulate JoyFuel Dollars from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. All JoyFuel Dollars earned during this period shall expire on December 31, 2020.

How can I check my JoyFuel Dollars balance?

To check your JoyFuel Dollars balance, you can login to your account through or Autotoll VGo APP, or call Customer Service Hotline of JoyFuel Dollars Program at 3182-1322 for enquiry.

As an existing Autotoll Club member, can I transfer all my existing points to my JoyFuel Dollars account?

The existing Autotoll Club Membership Program and JoyFuel Dollars Program are two separate programs.

What should I do if my JoyFuel Card is lost or stolen?

Please call Caltex Customer Service Hotline at 2582-6288 to apply for a replacement immediately.

How can I update my contact information for JoyFuel Card?

Please call Caltex Customer Service Hotline at 2582-6288 to update your contact information.

What can I do if I forgot password or user name of Autotoll website?

Please call Autotoll Customer Service Hotline at 2627-8888 or reset via or Autotoll VGo APP.

How can I update my Autotoll contact information online?

You can update your contact information online via or call Autotoll Customer Service Hotline at 2627-8888 for enquiry.