Caltex Locator Mobile App - For iPhone & Andriod

Low on fuel?

With the Caltex Station Locator app, you can now find a Caltex station nearest to you, with no fuss. This app lists Caltex Stations in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and South Africa.

Need a quick top-up en-route to pick up your kids? Looking for a station with a car wash or ATM? Or just a quick bite to eat? Now you can find the closest station with the fuel types, amenities or car maintenance services you are looking for.

Available on iPhone or Android phones.


Key features

  • Plan your journey showing all Caltex stations along the way
  • Search stations via fuel types, amenities, ATMs and restrooms
  • Get latest promotions and deals
  • Bookmark favourite stations that you visit frequently for quick access
  • Like a Station’s service by giving a shout out to your friends via Facebook and Twitter