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Delo means efficiency. Fuel economy without sacrificing engine protection. Save money, and lower emissions. Switch to a Delo fuel economy product to see it for yourself.

Maximise engine reliabilty and fuel economy

When it comes to heavy-duty engines, proper lubrication means much more than just a protective film. The right engine oil also helps to disperse soot and control sludge, so as to improve fuel economy and engine durability – and most importantly, minimise operating cost.

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Our Engine Oils

Delo® 400 MGX SAE 15W-40Mineral Oil

An API CJ-4 heavy duty engine oil specifically formulated for on-highway and off-highway applications using either High Sulfur or Low Sulfur Diesel and can also provide protection for newer compliant low emission diesel engines with Selecti...


Delo® Gold Ultra SAE 15W-40Mineral Oil

A high performance, multigrade, heavy-duty diesel engine oil specifically designed to lubricate a wide range of engines requiring API CI-4 or ACEA E7 performance lubricants. Delo Gold Ultra is formulated with ISOSYN® technology.


Delo® Silver Multigrade SAE 20W-50Mineral Oil

A heavy-duty diesel engine oil designed to lubricate engines requiring API CF-4, CF or SG performance lubricants. The level of alkaline reserve makes it suitable for use with high sulfur fuels at appropriate oil drain intervals.


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