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What are the types of cards offered by Caltex?

  • StarCard Credit
  • StarCard Debit
  • Subsidy Cashcard

What is the difference between StarCard Credit and Debit?

  • StarCard Credit: 30 days end of month credit
  • StarCard Debit : Prepaid amount deducted at point of sales from Debit account

Do you have an online system to track and view my company transactions?

Yes, you can view the transactions through our Starcard Online once you register for the facility.

Can I select 1 station only for my purchases so as to control my drivers from abusing the cards?

Yes, all you have to do is fill up the site restriction form to indicate your preferred station and upon setup, all your vehicles can only use that particular station.

How long is the card approval and issuance process (i.e. how soon can I receive the cards once application is submitted)?

Card type





3 working days

3 working days

3 to 5 working days


14 working days

> RM10,000 5 working days

More than 14 working days

< RM10,000 3 working days


3 working days

3 working days

5 working days