Caltex with Techron® | Premium Fuel Formula, Maximised Power


    Everyone deserves the fancy stuff

    Caltex puts the unbeatable cleaning power* of Techron® in every grade of petrol… because everyone deserves the fancy stuff. 

    *Chevron surveys the market and formulates Caltex with Techron® to have cleaning power at least as good as the best performing competitor within each octane grade that we sell.

     Record breaking Fuel in Caltex

    What’s special about Caltex with Techron®?

    Caltex with Techron® contains an innovative formulation, Techron®, that has been scientifically proven to help clean and protect engines.

    Techron® not only removes dirt, but also helps prevent deposits from forming on critical parts of your car’s engine. This helps your car’s engine to function at optimum, delivering maximum power to your wheels.


    Inside Techron®

    Caltex with Techron® contains our Clean & Glide Technology™ specially formulated to clean and protect your engine.

    Caltex with Techron® is now available across all petrol grades.

    What is Techron®?

    Caltex with Techron® is proven to clean vital engine parts effectively. A clean engine helps maximise power and acceleration, provide better fuel economy, reliable performance and delivers a smoother drive.

    Enjoy 5 benefits in 1 fuel when you use Caltex with Techron®.

    Enjoy the benefits of Caltex with Techron®

    Experience the same great cleaning performance that you have come to expect from Techron®, and then expect a bit more.

    With a friction reducing additive designed to protect metal components and improve efficiency, our new formula helps to deliver: enhanced engine protection; maximise power and better acceleration, giving you a better journey.



    Enhanced Engine Protection

    The Clean & Glide Technology™ in Techron® is designed to coat and protect metal surfaces. This helps to reduce friction and wear, keeping your engine clean to deliver optimum performance.

    The ability of Techron® to protect metal surfaces was proven in the High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR) lubricity test. The HFRR lubricity test is a standard test for diesel, designed to determine its ability to protect metal parts in the fuel pumps that rely on diesel as a lubricant. The HFRR lubricity test was modified to safely test the lubricating properties of petrol.

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    Up to 38% better at reducing wear scratches

    Compared to previous formula. Figure based on average results of lab tests conducted by Chevron across Asia Pacific and Africa; results may vary from country to country.


    Up to 41% better at reducing friction

    Compared to previous formula. Figure based on average results of lab tests conducted by Chevron across Asia Pacific and Africa; results may vary from country to country.

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    Maximise Power

    Techron® removes deposits that can rob your engine of power. With continued use, it will also help to reduce friction in your engine. Less friction means less resistance in your engine, so more power can be brought to your wheels.

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    Improved fuel economy

    Engines work best when they are clean. Caltex with Techron® is proven to clean vital engine parts effectively, helping your engine burn fuel more efficiently, making your journeys more economical for you.

    The benefits of our Clean and Glide Technology™ were proven in Chevron’s internal laboratory tests. Laboratory tests simulating the build-up of Techron® in the crankcase lubricant with continual use demonstrate the efficiency improvement built in to our new Clean & Glide Technology™.

    In controlled laboratory tests simulating continual use, Clean & Glide Technology™ produced results, which showed 2-3% less fuel consumption compared to our previous Techron® formula*.4.

    4 On the road benefit depends on many factors including vehicle type, local conditions and driving style.
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    Proven to improve fuel economy

    With continued use, compared to previous formula. Based on results of
    lab tests conducted by Chevron