• Announcement 1:  Caltex Diesel 50 with Techron® D is different to other low sulphur fuels because it has the proven cleaning power of Techron D.
  • Announcement 2 : From 18th April 2011, you can pay from your car via our new portable debit or credit card terminals at selected Caltex.
  • Announcement 3 : Download the Caltex Station Locator app onto your iPhone & Andriod phones today!

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RT @dannamhango: Shoutout to my local @caltexsa alberante freshstop for such consistently great service and great cappuccino!
Posted on 24 Oct 2014.
#FlashBackFriday to our WIN a car competition. Which car do you think we should give away next?
Posted on 24 Oct 2014.
Pop into #YourCaltex, Ruimsig on 24 October between 9am & 12pm to celebrate the opening of our latest FreshStop http://t.co/TTchsqC6Tr
Posted on 23 Oct 2014.
Dina Naidoo drives a cabriolet & named her Marilyn, because it's beautiful & sassy. To us, your car is more than a make, it's a model.
Posted on 22 Oct 2014.
RT @Ja9Bez: Best service at #Caltex Midrand ever!! Attendants were so nice so wash my very dirty car while I ran into the shop!! : )
Posted on 20 Oct 2014.
@gonster3108 Hi there, apologies for your frustration. Could you please DM us your contact details, we'd like to follow up.
Posted on 20 Oct 2014.
Visit our FB page, watch the video, answer a question & you could win 1 of 6 double movie tickets! http://t.co/aG7We0uUcU
Posted on 19 Oct 2014.
Tomorrow is Long Distance day, this is a great reason for you to be outdoors this weekend. Fill up and get going. http://t.co/fIaErDbqyq
Posted on 17 Oct 2014.
@spiderman1912 Hi there, you can send your proposal to zaservice@chevron.com & should the team be able to assist, they will get in touch.
Posted on 16 Oct 2014.
@Cancervive_ride Great moments indeed!
Posted on 16 Oct 2014.
RT @Cancervive_ride: We've had the most amazing journey with @Caltexsa #throwbackthursday #cancervive http://t.co/tRBUO62OTv
Posted on 16 Oct 2014.
Dean Campbell’s number one tip is to always keep your car smelling fresh. You can pick up his favourite Sandalwood @FreshStopSA.
Posted on 15 Oct 2014.
RT @LadySayFuckALot: Best service ever when I filled car @Caltexsa Christiaan de Wet. Attendant Seke went above and beyond. Pls ensure the …
Posted on 15 Oct 2014.
@graham_prinsloo Hi there, sorry for your disappointment. Could you please send us a DM with your contact details, we'd like to follow up.
Posted on 13 Oct 2014.
Khwezi Damane is the proud owner of a 10 year old 4x4, regular oil checks are what help keep his car going. http://t.co/OAjZoTpatb
Posted on 13 Oct 2014.
The 2014 Durban Amashova Classic race is underway. Tag us in all the action if you’re in the PMB and Durban area.
Posted on 12 Oct 2014.
Do you remember your first driving lesson and who taught you? http://t.co/bVvUGboSsp
Posted on 10 Oct 2014.
What are the two rules every guy should have when it comes to his car? A popular one is no eating, what is yours? http://t.co/R6vJcrnpCz
Posted on 08 Oct 2014.
@GlamourGirlZN We're glad to hear that! :) We will definitely pass on the great feedback to the team. :)
Posted on 07 Oct 2014.
RT @GlamourGirlZN: @Caltexsa Garage in Hillcrest are amazing, assisted me when my tyre burst! Going beyond my greatest expectations, espe…
Posted on 07 Oct 2014.

Retail Pump Price

95 Unleaded Petrol with Techron® 
1325.00 cpl
93 Unleaded Petrol with Techron® 
1310.00 cpl
95 Lead Replacement Petrol with Techron
1356.00 cpl
Diesel 50 with Techron®D
1234.19 cpl
Diesel with Techron® D
1228.79 cpl
Last Updated:Sept 3, 2014