Techron Fuels

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Enjoy 5 benefits in 1 fuel when you use Caltex with Techron®. It cleans your engine to help maximise power, improve fuel economy and lower emissions to ensure reliable performance and a smoother drive.

Techron's unique formulation in Caltex fuels help keeps your engine cleaner and freer of the deposits left behind by inferior fuels. There are several Caltex with Techron fuels to cater to the different requirements of drivers.

For enhanced performance, use this guide to choose the most efficient fuel for your needs.

Caltex diesel & gasoline fuels (silver93, gold95, caltex diesel)

Silver 93 Gasoline with Techron® is suitable for most drivers. It cleans up dirty intake and fuel systems and keeps them clean to ensure engines operate at peak performance and efficiency.

Gold 95 with Techron®s a high-performance gasoline designed especially for the most demanding motorists. It delivers unbeatable cleaning power with the added bonus of a smooth throttle response and pick-up power with our exclusive combustion enhancer.

Caltex Diesel with Techron® D is a premium performance, deposit-control diesel fuel designed for use in all diesel-fueled engines in mobile, portable and stationary applications.  Find out more about Caltex Diesel With Techron® D here.

Learn more about the power of Techron® in Techron Technology.