Caltex with Techron® The 5 Star Fuel
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1 fuel, 5 benefits - Only Caltex contains Techron® , a specially-formulated ingredient to keep your engine clean. It removes dirty deposits from vital engine parts to deliver 5 benefits. For best car performance, choose Caltex with Techron.

Give your car’s engine the right fuel, and it will repay you with optimal and longer-lasting performance.
With over 30 years of robust research and development, our formulation is special because of its polyetheramine component scientifically proven to prevent grimy deposits.


Only Caltex fuels contains Techron®, a specially-formulated ingredient to keep your engine clean. It is proven to clean and protect harmful deposits build up in vital engine parts to deliver 5 benefits.

The 5 Benefits of Caltex with Techron®

  • Maximised Power
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Smoother Drive
  • Lower Emissions
  • Reliable Performance

**Read more about each benefit at Techron® Advantage 

Experience the cleaning power of Techron for yourself at any Caltex Station. Discover our range of different Caltex with Techron® petrol grades to cater to your driving needs.
silver 91
Silver 91 with Techron® is suitable for most drivers. Techron cleans vital engine parts, preventing the build-up of carbon deposits to help increase engine efficiency and performance over time.
Gold 95
Gold 95 with Techron® is designed for high performance engines and demanding motorists. Coupled with Techron's cleaning power, it helps improve engine efficiency. Feel the boost through smooth throttle response and pick-up power.
Caltex Diesel
Caltex Diesel with Techron® D is a premium performance diesel suitable for all diesel powered vehicles. Techron D’s proven cleaning power helps keep fuel injectors clean, protect against corrosion and reduces and foaming while filling up. Because a clean engine gives you optimal power, fuel economy and enhanced reliability.

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